What Is Damask Fabric?

Damask fabric refers to a type of weaving where a pattern or design is set against a background of fabric such as silk, cotton or wool.


Damask fabric is often seen on antique furniture and household items such as drapes, wallpaper and tablecloths.


Damask can commonly be found in fabric stores and is usually quite expensive. Price depends on the fabric used with silk being the most expensive.


Damask is named for the city of Damascus, a major textile center during the 12th century. Though damask originated in the Asia, traders took to Europe where it became very popular.


Damask is a very thick fabric that is often many colored and dramatic. Though once only made from silk, cheaper damask is made from linen, cotton, wool and synthetic textiles.

Fun Fact

In the 20th century, the invention of the Jacquard loom, which is today controlled by a computer, made weaving damask easier.

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