What Is the Difference Between a Bouncer & a Swing?

Although they are not mandatory for basic baby care, indoor baby swings and baby bouncers are pieces of equipment that have proven their worth to many parents. Both give parents a safe place to put a baby to either relax or interact with their environment.


Baby bouncers and baby swings.

A mechanized baby swing is an indoor swing with its own frame stand that can be in a cradle or upright design. A baby bouncer, which is made in many styles, is a reclined frame style seat covered in fabric. The suspended frame has a gentle bouncing action when the baby moves or the seat is pushed by hand or foot.

Space Consideration

Baby swings take up more floor space with a frame that holds the indoor swing. Some models can be folded and stored, but the models that cannot be folded continually take up space. Baby bouncers are much smaller and can be placed on the floor or on a couch or secure chair.


Baby bouncers can be powered by the baby if they move around, or by another person moving them with their hands or feet. Baby swings are run by battery, winding mechanism or electricity.

Weight and Safety

Both the baby swing and baby bouncer are designed for younger, less ambulatory infants. Larger babies can cause the swing to be top-heavy and possibly a safety concern if they move around enough to unbalance the swing.

Time vs. Cost

Unlike a baby crib or changing table that lasts throughout infancy and into young toddlerhood, swings and bouncers are only used for a short time in a baby's life. They might be more worth the investment if a family is planning to have additional children or if they are purchased for a childcare setting. A very basic baby bouncer costs less than a basic baby swing but the more detailed and functional both are, the more expensive they are.

Stimulation vs. Relaxation

Baby swings are used to sooth and relax a baby or allow them to interact and view their environment while securely seated. Baby bouncers are designed for entertainment and activity for the baby and as another option for securely setting a baby to rest.

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