Difference Between Mediterranean & Tuscan Decorating

Lisa Hall

The Mediterranean and Tuscan styles of decorating use warm colors and earthen accents and provide a rustic look with a relaxed feel. While there are many similarities, it is important to note the differences between the two terms.


Warm earth tones predominate in Mediterranean and Tuscan style.

Mediterranean-style decorating takes its influence from Southern European countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece. Tuscan-style decorating comes from Tuscany, a region in central Italy and takes its influence from the Italian countryside. While the two names are often used interchangeably, the Tuscan style does not incorporate all aspects of the Mediterranean style.

Tuscan Decorating

Tuscan-style decorating uses earth colors such as burnt terracotta, ochre, orange, muted yellow and olive green. Solid-wood, sturdy furniture is often used. Flooring may consist of terracotta tiles or wood floors with antique rugs. Walls are often textured with Venetian plaster or faux painting. Wrought iron accents, Italian ceramics and pottery finish the look.

Mediterranean Decorating

The Mediterranean style encompasses many of the same elements. However, there may be variations based on the region such as the Spanish style or Greek style of decorating. For example, white painted walls with blue accents are often used in Greece.