How to Compare Oster to KitchenAid

When cooking and baking, everyday tasks would be hard to complete without large and small appliances, as well as our kitchen utensils and cookware.


Oster and KitchenAid are two brands that make this helpful products.

Oster makes many appliances that aid in blending, cooking, toasting, mixing and making beverages. Oster makes small appliances such as toasters, blenders, coffee and tea makers, griddles, bread makers, waffle makers and deep fryers. KitchenAid manufactures both large and small appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, toasters, blenders and mixers. KitchenAid also creates bakeware, cookware, cutlery, utensils, kitchen towels and aprons.

Where to Buy

Several Oster and KitchenAid products can be purchased through their websites and also through stores, such as Walmart and Target. KitchenAid sells its large appliances through several retail stores, such as Lowe's, Best Buy and several other appliance stores (See Resources section).


Oster and KitchenAid sell comparable products through their websites such as their small appliances. Both companies carry the immersion blender with chopping attachment. Oster's product costs $44.99 and KitchenAid's product costs $129.99, as of 2010. Both companies also make two-slice toasters; Oster's costs $31.99 and KitchenAid's costs $69.99.