The Average Cost of Installed Pergo

Pergo is a brand name for wood-looking laminate flooring. There are many styles and brands of laminate flooring.

Wood flooring costs

Laminate floors provide an economical alternative to hardwood.

Genuine hardwood floors cost at least $10 per square foot, as of 2010, with prices going up from there; hardwood floors take much more time and labor than laminate floors. Unfinished hardwoods must be installed, then finished some days later.

Laminate flooring costs.

As of 2010, laminate floors such as Pergo brand retail at approximately $2 per square foot, with an installation range from about $7 to $11 per square foot. These floors are also simpler to install than hardwood, and thus can be installed by a handy homeowner.

Final considerations

Laminate floors can be installed over existing floors and depending on square footage you want to cover, the work can be done in a single day by professional installers; hardwoods, unless they are pre-finished, must be installed, left to "cure," and then finished on site at a later date.

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