Jacuzzi Spas Vs. Sundance Spas

Daniella Lauren

Hot tubs and spas are commonly self-contained portable units that offer individuals hydrotherapy. Two manufacturers are Jacuzzi and Sundance, both of whom have specific features for their spas.

Jacuzzi Spa Features

Jacuzzi spas come from the oldest manufacturer in the United States. They focus on providing a variety of jets for soothing relief along with energy-efficient spas. Jacuzzi spas offer electronic controls, high-end pumps to move water throughout the unit and a heat transfer system that warms water from heat generated by spa motors.

Sundance Spa Features

Sundance spas offer easy access panels, aromatherapy by placing fragrance in the water, a MicroClean system and titanium heating units. Sundance units allow for the customization of water and air pressure along with programmed filtration and regulated temperature through microprocessors.


Selecting a spa comes down to the available space around your home and spa features. Both Jacuzzi and Sundance offer low and high priced models, with differences in the number of jets, pumps, motors and control features. A higher priced spa is not always necessary, so select one that suits your purpose.