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Samsung Washing Machine Error Code E6

Alan Donahue

Various models of Samsung washing machines may randomly display the error code E6. This code can mean one of two things and may require new parts for your washer.

Time Frame

As the washer enters spin mode, the process will stop, the water may not drain and the E6 error code displays on the LCD screen.


This error code indicates that the water heater is heating water too fast. Press the power button once to clear the error and finish the cycle before repair.


If during the spin cycle, the error code could be an error with the printed circuit board assembly of the washer. This means that the temperature readings are incorrect and the error will continue to display.


Try a new load of load of clothes and watch for when the error occurs. If it is during a spin cycle or part of the laundry where hot water is not used, then the part is defective. Simply reset the load each time or replace the part.


Along with the "E6" error, an "E5" error may display on the screen. This error represents the same thing as "E6," and the two error codes are interchangeable.