Fast Facts About Electric Stoves

Mandi Rogier

Electric stoves have been a regular part of American kitchens since they made their way into typical homes around the 1930s. While gas stoves still vie for the attention of cooks, electrical options are developing a constant stream of new innovations to keep users coming back.


Gas stoves were the predecessors of electric stoves and were used for the majority of the 19th century. The electric stove made its big debut in 1893 at the Chicago World's Fair.


Electric stoves use burners on top as well as an oven inside for the purpose of heating food. Though the function is similar to gas stoves, electric varieties do not require a gas hookup and typically heat food more evenly.


Electric stoves are available in four main varieties. Solid electric stoves have flat burners, radiant coil stoves use heating coils for the burners, ceramic cooktops use flat, glass-covered ceramic plates and induction stoves utilize electromagnetic induction as part of the heating method.