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How to Clean a Burned Pot Off a Glass Cook Top Stove

Louise Harding

The phone rang, you answered, forgetting about that pan simmering on the glass top of your stove. Before long, that simmering pot was boiling over and burning on the burners as you continued to chat. Cleaning a burned pot from the glass top stove is a messy affair, but necessary to prolong the life of your glass cook top and the tidy appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Turn off the burner and allow it to cool. Try to twist the pan once the burner is cool to the touch. Sometimes the temperature change will loosen the burned crust around the pot.

  2. Wet the burned debris and twist the pan until it loosens. Remove the pan.

  3. Pour ¼ cup vinegar onto the burned debris and allow to soak for three minutes.

  4. Pour enough baking soda onto the vinegar to form a paste and scrub with the dishcloth, in circular motions, and concentrated on the larger burned particles. Rinse the dishcloth occasionally and continue.

  5. Wipe the baking soda paste away with a dish towel and shake into the sink. Towel dry the burner. If there is still burned matter on the burner, proceed with the Magic Eraser.

  6. Moisten the Magic Eraser and scrub the burned marks and particles using circular motions.

  7. Use the dishcloth with clean water to rinse away matter occasionally, until the burned debris and marks have been removed.