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How to Remove Burn Marks on Porcelain Sinks

Kaye Wagner

Porcelain is a type of very hard glass that manufacturers melt over a metal base to create a smooth, stain resistant surface that is tough to chip and stain. Porcelain is a common material for your sink and bathroom vanity or countertop. Always place curling and straightening irons on a non-burnable surface to prevent burns marks on your porcelain. If you haven't done this, you can grind away the stain with abrasives. Be careful to work slowly so you don't remove too much porcelain.

Don't rest curling irons on porcelain sinks.
  1. Mix ¼ cup baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste. The paste should be the same consistency as toothpaste.

  2. Work the paste into the porcelain burn mark with an old toothbrush. It might take a while, but the baking soda will grind away the top few layers of the porcelain to remove the mark. Work until the mark is gone or until it is as light as possible.

  3. Wipe the baking soda paste off with a clean cloth.

  4. Soak the area with water.

  5. Scrub the water into the porcelain with a piece of superfine steel wool to remove the rest of the burn mark. The water will act as a lubricant, which will prevent the steel wool from deeply scratching the porcelain.