What Is a Baffle on a Water Cooler?

Darlene Peer

The baffle in a water cooler helps reduce the consumption of refrigerant or coolant. Since the baffle helps reduce the amount of refrigerant used, it can help save money and reduce potentially hazardous emissions.


A working baffle can reduce the amount of coolant used by a water cooler.

Coolers use a water-cooled or ambient baffle. Baffles are usually made from stainless steel or plastic. They resemble a disc attached to a funnel. Not all water coolers are equipped with a baffle, so it is important to check the model’s list of components and features before purchase.


Traditionally, a water cooler’s baffle is located between the diffusion or vacuum pump and the refrigerated cold trap. Some newer models have the baffle located in the tubes between flanges, eliminating the need for adapters.


The baffle requires no special care. It can be washed in either a dishwasher or with soap and water in a sink. After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly with water.