Problems With a Rheem Heat Pump

Rheem heat pumps are pumps that warm a building by transferring heat from a liquid. Rheem heat pumps can develop operating problems which can often be resolved with a little time and detective work.

No Power

Rheem heat pumps can develop defrost timing problems and other issues.

A Rheem pump uses one circuit breaker for the air handler and another for the heat pump condenser. If the Rheem heat pump loses power, the operator should check to see if one or both circuit breakers have been tripped due to excessive current or a short circuit, and reset or replace the breakers as needed.

Bad Timer Board

A Rheem heat pump uses an electronic timer board to send a signal to the defrost relay at a specific time to turn off the electric heat and outdoor fan. A faulty timer board may send incorrect signals to the relay, resulting in improper defrost timing. The operator should check the timer board for burnt wiring, wear or other damage and replace it as needed.

Bad Defrost Relay

The defrost relay, typically built into the timer control board, refers to a switch that opens a set of contacts based on the timer board’s signal and enables current to flow to the fan and coil. A faulty defrost relay may fail to open the contacts, resulting in excess frost on the pump, and should be replaced.