Stainmaster Vinyl Floor Care

Stainmaster is well known as a carpet manufacturer, but the company also makes resilient vinyl flooring. Available in different colors, patterns and styles, the vinyl requires proper care and maintenance.


Clean the floors with plain warm water, mopping the floors with the warm water and then rinsing any dirt with fresh water. If the floors are especially dirty, add 1 oz. dish soap or ammonia to the warm water, mop and rinse again.


Vacuum the floors or sweep the vinyl flooring with a broom at least once a week, even if you aren't cleaning. Remove any dust or debris that sits on the top of the vinyl to keep from grinding the particles into the vinyl. Using small mats around the Stainmaster flooring prevents scuffs and other damage.


The World Floor Covering Association warns against using mop and shine products, as these products can damage the vinyl flooring. Avoid using harsh powdered cleansers or abrasive cleaners as well.