Metal Edging for Tables

Metal table edging --- also called metal banding --- is used in bars, restaurant and kitchens in homes. The types of metal table edging available include edges with many grooves and smooth edges. Smooth edging can also have an inward dip or curve in the center-one groove.

Edging With Grooves

Grooved metal table edging is popular in diners.

Metal edging with grooves is available in width measurements of 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch and 2.25 inches. This type of metal edging is sold with two slots into which you can insert laminate or vinyl materials for decoration. BarsAndBooths.com recommends that you use a vertical grade laminate material as an insert.

Smooth Edging

You can purchase smooth edging in many customized widths. For example, bar owners may purchase 1.5-inch or 2.25-inch smooth metal edging for tables and also purchase 2- to 4-inch edging for counters. Smooth edging can also be placed at the back of kitchen counters, where the counter joins at the wall.

Colors of Metal Edging

Standard colors of metal edging are silver and gold; however, metal edging can be purchased in custom colors. Visit your local hardware or home goods store to see what materials are available in your area.

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