My GE Refrigerator is Not Freezing Food

General Electric, known commonly as GE, produces a range of refrigerators and appliances. Like any other household appliance, GE refrigerators may experiences issues that affect their ability to function. According GE's customer service department, a GE refrigerator's freezer section's most common issue is it's inability to freeze properly. There are several simple troubleshooting steps that can provide a solution to your GE refrigerator's problem.

Common Problems

My GE Refrigerator is Not Freezing Food

These common, simple issues could prevent your GE refrigerator from freezing food. Listen for the sound of a motor or fan to verify the freezer is still working. The freezer should be closed tightly after opening and should not remaining open for long periods of time. Verify that your seal -- the rubber part surrounding the doors -- is intact and cool air is not escaping out. Position your refrigerator away from dryers, vents and ovens. Make sure your fridge remains entirely level to work properly. Do not overfill your freezer, as too much food can prevent freezing.


GE refrigerator's have a temperature setting for both the freezer and the fridge sections. If your freezer's temperature is set too low, it will not be able to freeze your food. The correct temperature varies depending upon refrigerator model and age as well as the amount and type of food being stored in it. You may need to slowly increase this setting to find the correct temperature for your particular needs.


Review your refrigerator's owner's manual for other common issues, troubleshooting and simple solutions. Each make and model will have specific instructions and solutions to common problems. If you no longer have the paper version of your manual, you can view most model's manuals online by entering the model number.

Professional Assistance

If troubleshooting suggestions do not correct your GE refrigerator's freezing issue, contact General Electric to check your current warranty status and get professional assistance to further troubleshoot your refrigerator. If your appliance is still under warranty, you may qualify for free repairs or replacement.

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