How to Reset the Breaker on a Bissell 82H1

The 82H1, which is more commonly known by its model name, the Cleanview Helix, is an upright vacuum cleaner manufactured by Bissell. Rather than using a standard vacuum bag, the Bissell utilizes a see-through dirt container that can be removed and emptied quickly. The Cleanview also comes equipped with a breaker, as a safety feature. The breaker kicks in and automatically shuts the machine down if a cord, sock or other over-sized object inadvertently gets caught in the machine's beater bar. Once this happens, the breaker needs to be reset.

Step 1

Unplug the Bissell from the wall once the breaker shuts the machine down. 

Step 2

Allow the machine to rest for one minute. 

Step 3

Locate the reset breaker button on the Bissell.  On the Cleanview it is located on the bottom, front right hand side to the immediate right of the height adjustment knob. Press the button in and hold it for five seconds. 

Step 4

Plug the Bissell back in and power it back up.  Resume vacuuming.

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