How to Install Side Mounting Dishwasher Brackets

When you install a dishwasher, you must secure the dishwasher to either the underside of the countertop, which is called top mounting, or to the cabinets located on either side of the dishwasher, which is called side mounting. If side mounting is an option for your dishwasher, the manufacturer will provide you with the necessary brackets and screw fasteners. Installing side brackets is not difficult and will only add a few minutes onto your installation project.

Side brackets avoid the need to install inserts into a stone countertop.

Step 1

Slide the long tang on each side bracket through the retaining bracket located on the top front corners of the dishwashers. The side brackets look like a late upper case "T." The top of the T goes against the cabinets and the long vertical portion of the T goes into the brackets on the dishwasher. Position the T so the screw holes on the top face upward.

Step 2

Slide the dishwasher under the countertop. Place a level on the top edge and then raise or lower the front feet with a wrench until the dishwasher is resting in a level position.

Step 3

Lower the door into the open position. This will expose the screw hole on the top of the T-bracket.

Step 4

Drive a self-tapping screw provided with the bracket through the hole in the bracket and into the cabinet using a screwdriver. Do this on both sides. Although the top of the bracket has a hole on each side, you only drive a screw through the front hole, since the back hole is hidden by the dishwasher.