How to Control Humidity in a Walk-in Cooler

Controlling humidity is an important aspect of restaurant or home-cooler management. Excess humidity causes mold and other types of bacteria to develop, which leads to food that spoils faster and can cause harmful illnesses. There are simple solutions for controlling humidity using panels made for this purpose. Installation requires a few tools but is relatively simple to perform on your own.

Lowering humidity keeps food safe at a restaurant.
  1. Purchase a humidity control panel that is the appropriate size for your cooler. Find panels at restaurant supply stores or from companies that specialize in humidity control, such as Humitec. You need one panel for a cooler that holds up to three tons of material.

  2. Open the air vent in the cooler and stand the panel up behind the air filter. Close the vent.

  3. Remove the panel once per year to dust it off. Do not clean it with water, as this will add humidity to the cooler.