How to Build an X Wine Rack

An X-shaped wine rack provides you with a stylish way to store your wine collection. The rack consists of a square box assembly with an open front. The divider boards intersect to form an X-shaped divider inside the box assembly. Make the rack using high-quality furniture-grade plywood. Furniture-grade plywood allows you to finish the wine rack to match your existing wood furniture. Build several racks and stack them vertically or side-by-side so you can add to your wine collection.

An X wine rack shows off your wine collection in style.

Step 1

Place the 3/4-by-16-by-28-inch plywood panels one at a time onto the table of a miter saw. Adjust the miter saw to cut a 45-degree angle. Cut the 28-inch ends at a 45-degree angle. The 45-degree angles should extend in on the inside edges of the panels, so the four panels fit together like a picture frame along the angled edges to form a box.

Step 2

Sand the cut edges with a fine-grit sanding block until smooth. Assemble the panels together to form a box. Apply wood glue to the adjoining edges and clamp the assembly at both ends with frame clamps. Allow the glue to dry 24 hours and remove the clamps.

Step 3

Place the 3/4-by-28-by-28-inch panel over one of the open ends of the box assembly. Hammer finish nails through the panel into the edges of the box assembly every 4 to 6 inches.

Step 4

Lay the 3/4-by-15-1/4-by-37-inch panels on a work surface measure. Mark a 3/4-inch-wide by 7-5/8-inch deep notch in the center of one 37-inch side of each panel with a tape measure and pencil.

Step 5

Cut the notches out with a jigsaw by following along the pencil lines carefully. Sand the cut edges with a fine-grit sanding block until smooth. The notches allow the boards to interlock and form an X-shaped divider.

Step 6

Cut the edges that are 15-1/4-inch wide of the 3/4-by-15-1/4-by-37-inch panels at opposing 45-degree angles to form a pointed edge on each end. The pointed edge allows the panels to slide into the box assembly.

Step 7

Interlock the two 3/4-by-15-1/4-by-37-inch panels by sliding the two notches together to form an X divider.

Step 8

Apply two coats of wood finish to the X divider and box assembly. Allow the first coat to dry four hours and apply a second coat. Wait 24 hours and slide the X divider into the box assembly.

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