How to Install Sheer Curtains With Regular Curtains

Shara JJ Cooper

Both sheers and regular curtains have their uses as window treatments. Sheers soften and break up the light but only provide a small amount of privacy. Curtains stop prying eyes as well as light and they provide some insulation. It is often necessary to have both types of curtains on a window so you can use the right curtain when needed. Hang these curtains on the same double rod so you have easy access. Double rods have two bars at the same height, allowing you to buy curtains that fit perfectly.

Sheers don't offer privacy by themselves.

Step 1

Select the appropriate curtain rod kit for the project. You'll need a double rod so you can hang the sheers and curtains together. Use decorative rods when you want the rod to show as part of the overall look. Use traverse rods for curtains that are opened and closed from a stick that hangs down. Use concealed rods when you don't want the rod visible.

Step 2

Measure the length of your curtains. Decide where you want the bottom of the curtain to hang. Measure from the bottom measurement up the length of the curtain so you know how high it will go up the window. This is where you want your curtain rod to go.

Step 3

Align the rod brackets on the upper edges of the windows so the rod will hang at the previously measured height. Ensure that the brackets are far enough apart that the curtains have room to sit on either side of the window when completely open. This is usually about 1 to 2 feet on either side of the window.

Step 4

Screw the brackets into the wall using the screws appropriate for the wall material. For example, use drywall screws in drywall. Ensure they are securely in place.

Step 5

Slide the sheers onto the bracket closest to the wall and secure both ends in place. Repeat for the curtains on the outer rod.