Disney Princess Canopy Assembly Instructions

Jason Alexander

The Disney Princess canopy is a bed canopy that can turn a twin-size bed into a castle-like theme for young girls. This product uses lightweight 100 percent polyester and includes pictures of the famous Disney princesses like Belle, Aurora and Cinderella. Assembling the Disney Princess canopy, manufactured by Exxel Outdoors, is fairly straightforward at a cost of about $30 (in 2011).

Step 1

Use the hardware that comes with the Disney Princess canopy package to install the main canopy hook in your ceiling. Center the steel ceiling hook above the center of the twin bed and screw it into the ceiling by hand or with pliers.

Step 2

Follow the included instructions and insert the four poles into the sleeves of the canopy. The two longer poles will run lengthwise above the bed, while the two shorter pieces will run widthwise above the bed.

Step 3

Attach the canopy to the ceiling hook by slipping the plastic ring of the canopy onto the hook. The four polyester sides of the canopy should now hang over the twin bed.

Step 4

Use the customer support form through the Exxel Outdoors website if you have questions regarding your Disney Princess canopy.