How To Troubleshoot an InSinkErator Dispenser

An InSinkErator dispenser provides hot water at your kitchen sink at a pre-determined temperature.
Having instantaneous hot water makes it easier to prepare hot beverages such as tea and hot chocolate. It also makes it easy to prepare breakfast cereals like oatmeal. With hot water easily available, boiling water takes less time on the stove as well. The InSinkErator hot water dispenser seldom causes any problems, but if you do draw cold water from it, understanding the process of dispenser troubleshooting will aid you in avoiding an unnecessary service call.

Step 1

Check that the InSinkErator dispenser is firmly plugged into the outlet under the sink if you don’t have hot water. The unit’s switch should also be in the “On” position. Check that the circuit breaker is in the “On” position in the breaker box.

Step 2

Turn on the water faucet if water or steam is spitting out of the dispenser. This may be a normal part of the dispenser’s initial setup. If the problem continues, turn down the water temperature using the dial on the front of the dispenser’s tank.

Step 3

Adjust the thermostat if the water is too cold. Allow five to seven minutes for the dispenser to adjust to the new temperature.

Step 4

Unscrew the spout end piece to remove any debris if water is coming out of the dispenser’s vent. Debris may also cause a divided stream to flow from the dispenser. Examine the vent’s outlet tube for twists or kinks. Straighten it if you observe anything that could prevent the water from flowing properly.

Step 5

Examine the supply valve to the sink if water is dripping from the dispenser. Low pressure may be the cause. Open the supply line completely.

Step 6

Loosen the mounting nut one quarter-turn at a time if the water doesn’t shut off. Check that the mounting washer is in place. Replace it if necessary.


  • If you live at higher altitudes, you may need to turn the temperature back on the hot water dispenser. Water boils at lower temperatures at high altitudes.


  • Don't attempt to make any repairs to the InSinkErator dispenser without first turning off power to the unit.

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