How to Calculate Laminate Flooring Layout With Less Waste

If you're tackling a home improvement project and want to stay on budget, eliminating waste is an important thing to consider. You can eliminate waste when calculating your laminate flooring needs by making careful preliminary measurements for your project. Follow that up with some multiplication, addition and subtraction, and you'll have an accurate assessment of the materials you'll require for your job.

Speed up your flooring calculations with a calculator.

Step 1

Sketch out a rough diagram of the floor plan where the laminate flooring will be installed. Break up the area into a series of rectangles. For example, a living room attached to a dining room could be thought of as two attached rectangular areas. Take into consideration nooks and hallways, and also items that stick out into the room, such as a kitchen island.

Step 2

Measure each of the rectangles you've sketched out, and record the length and width of each in inches.

Step 3

Multiply the dimensions of each of the rectangles. This will give you the area of each in inches. Divide this number by 144 to convert the result to square feet.

Step 4

Add together the square footage of all the calculated areas. The total is the total square footage of the area where you'll be installing laminate. You can now purchase the necessary materials with a high degree of accuracy.

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