How to Replace a Blender Gasket

Jackie Johnson

A blender's gasket, or O-ring, is an important part of the appliance, especially when blending liquids. The gasket makes a seal that prevents the fluids from leaking out of the bottom of the blender. Over time, hot liquids and the dishwasher take a toll on blender gaskets, especially if they are made from rubber. Hardware stores or the manufacturer may have a gasket that fits your blender, so you can continue using it.

Some people use their blenders daily.

Step 1

Identify the manufacturer and the model of your blender. Write it down on a slip of paper and bring it with you when you go to the local hardware store. If you still have the instruction manual for the blender, look through it to see if the part number for the gasket is listed and contact the manufacturer to order it directly.

Step 2

Find the old gasket, put it in an envelope or a bag and bring it with you to a hardware store if you need to use the blender right away. If you lost your old gasket, bring the threaded base where the gasket sits along to help you find the right gasket or O-ring for the blender. It helps to judge the width of the gasket that you need by placing the blender jar on the base and seeing how much the jar overlaps the base. The gasket should fit inside the threaded base perfectly and extend beyond the opening for the best seat for the blender.

Step 3

Examine the package for instructions for the blender gasket. Some gaskets need to be soaked in hot water before using for the first time. If you want to preserve the life of your blender's new gasket, wash it by hand.