How to Move a Heavy Desk

Tallulah Philange

You've set up your home office, everything is perfect and then you take a second look -- no, the desk just won't do in that spot. Heavy desks just can't be pushed around the room like an armchair. Moving them requires preparation and at least one assistant. The trick is to use furniture gliders. Furniture gliders, available at hardware stores, go under the corners of the desk and aid in moving it. Be sure to purchase the correct gliders for your floor. Carpeted rooms need smooth-bottom gliders, while wood floors need padded gliders that don't scratch the surface.

Get help before you try to move a heavy desk.

Step 1

Empty the desk drawers and remove the drawers, if possible. Clean off the desk of all objects. This makes the desk lighter and easier to move. Remove any objects blocking your moving path.

Step 2

Ask an assistant to lift a corner of the desk at least 2 inches off the floor. Slide a glider underneath, ensuring it is securely under the desk and that no part of the corner remains on the floor.

Step 3

Repeat the process with each desk corner. Ensure that the gliders are all pointing in the same direction if you're using the elongated type.

Step 4

Position yourself at one end of the desk and your assistant at the other. With one person pushing and the other pulling and steering, glide the desk slowly to move it. Work together so the desk doesn't jar, which can dislodge the gliders. Stop and reposition the gliders if necessary.

Step 5

Once the desk is in its new position, ask your assistant to lift each corner while you remove the glider. Reinstall the drawers.