How to Hide a Box Spring Without a Bed Skirt

Amanda Bell

Although most people do not want to look at a bare box spring when they walk into their bedroom, a bed skirt may not fit your taste or style. There are several options for hiding a box spring without a bed skirt, and most can be altered to suit nearly any style. You can choose from specific linens meant to hide a box spring, or use items you already have at home.

You can hide a box spring without a bed skirt by using linens you already have at home.

Step 1

Remove your bedding from your mattress and relocate the mattress to another area of your bedroom or home.

Step 2

Place a fitted sheet, in a fabric that coordinates with the rest of your bedding, on the box spring in the same way you would put it on a mattress. If you have a king size bed that utilizes two box springs, you can either use two twin size fitted sheets, one for each box, or a king-size fitted sheet to cover both of the box springs with one sheet.

Step 3

Place a box spring cover on your box spring according to manufacturer directions. These are typically similar to fitted sheets, although it is common for the cover not to be as deep as a sheet would be, as box springs are usually not as thick as mattress. Many of these products are placed over the box spring like a pillowcase and then closed with a zipper, snaps or a hook-and-loop fastener.

Step 4

Wrap the box spring in a thin blanket or other piece of fabric. Although you can use thicker material, these tend to bunch up and it may be difficult to make them look neat. For this option, you can lay the blanket over the box spring and then tuck the edges underneath it, hiding the box spring without a bed skirt.

Step 5

Invest in a bed with a frame that will hide the box spring. In many cases, you can purchase a bed that is constructed so the box spring is hidden from view by the frame. These beds are not the same as platform beds, which do not utilize a box spring at all; rather, the box spring is placed inside the bed, creating a level surface with the frame for the mattress to sit on. While this is typically the most expensive option, it can give your bedroom the clean lines you are looking for.

Step 6

Place your mattress back on the box spring and remake the bed.