Troubleshooting a Loud LG Dryer Drum

Clothes dryers such as the LG dryer are supposed to do a great many things, from drying large bulky items to drying small, delicate pieces and monitoring most load times and moisture.
Some dryers even steam out wrinkles and can contact service automatically when problems arise. Some issues, however, don’t necessarily warrant a call to LG for assistance, such as a loud dryer drum. There are many potential causes for a loud dryer that can be fixed by the user.

Step 1

Take items out of the LG dryer drum if the dryer is very full and the load is drying noisily. A cramped dryer drum has reduced air flow and may cause pieces to knot together, which causes thumping and vibration.

Step 2

Clean out small items inside the dryer that have fallen out of pockets or other clothing items that create rattling or other strange sounds when the drum is moving.

Step 3

Use a flashlight to look at the drum edges around the inner housing of the dryer. The same small objects that fall into the drum and make noise can get caught between the edges, causing a very loud sound as the dryer spins. Remove any objects.

Step 4

Turn the leveling feet on the dryer or the dryer pedestal with an adjustable wrench if the dryer is making a loud sound due to vibration or movement. Turn clockwise or counterclockwise until the entire dryer is level, front to back and side to side and the feet each touch the ground firmly.

Things You Will Need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flashlight


  • Contact LG if troubleshooting efforts fail to fix the loud noise from the dryer drum, as the dryer drum bearings, blower wheel, glides, rollers or pulley may need inspection or repair.

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