How to Repair the Juiceman Professional Series 410

The Juiceman 410 is a home-juicer made for daily use. Juiceman offers tips for troubleshooting and simple home repairs should you experience trouble with your juicer. The company asks you to contact its customer service department if your juicer has bent teeth in the juicer and pulper. Go through the company's recommendations for home repair should you decide to repair the juicer on your own.

Step 1

Check the base and bottom of the feed-tube, the plastic tube where you place chopped fruits and vegetables. If there's marring on the side of the tube, it's most likely due to the blades hitting the sides, indicating the base is askew and needs to be removed and reset back into the housing to achieve the proper placement.

Step 2

Push the blade basket and feel for any lateral slack in the setting. If slack is present, remove the blade basket, clean off the bushings with a hard-bristled toothbrush and insert it back onto the setting.

Step 3

Keep the blade basket free of excess pulp or dried out rinds and grinds. Use the toothbrush to remove the accumulation and free the blades for better juicing.

Step 4

Remove and rinse the blade basket after juicing and pulping hard fruits such as pineapple or apples. Hard-skinned fruit gums up the basket and requires removal for safe operation.

Step 5

Check the alignment on each bowl, tube and basket. If any of those isn't properly aligned, the juicer will cut off. If you're not familiar with this function, it will seem as if there's blown fuse or an electrical problem.

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