How to Add Ceramic Briquettes to a Grill

Ceramic briquettes are used on many brands of outdoor gas grills. The ceramic material absorbs and reflects heat from the gas burner underneath for more even distribution of heat for grilling food. Over time, the ceramic briquettes originally supplied with the grill may become cracked and begin to crumble, or they may be so thoroughly coated with grease that the briquettes begin to smell and cause flare-ups when lighting the grill. Replacement briquettes are available at hardware stores and grilling specialty shops. Adding new briquettes takes only a few minutes. No tools are needed.

Step 1

Turn off all burner control knobs and wait for the grill to cool completely.

Step 2

Raise the lid and lift off the cooking grate. Set the grate aside.

Step 3

Remove and discard the old briquettes.

Step 4

Lift out the grate underneath the briquettes to sweep out the interior bottom of the grill around the burner, using a whisk broom and dust pan. Replace the grate over the burner.

Step 5

Arrange the new briquettes on the grate in a single layer, with each briquette touching the edges of the surrounding briquettes.

Step 6

Set the cooking grate on top and close the grill lid.