How to Arrange a Sofa & Loveseat in a Small Space

Some interior decorating challenges are harder than others, and one of the most challenging is ensuring your small space has adequate seating. Whether you are trying to furnish a small waiting room or a living room with room for a family of six, wedging both a sofa and a loveseat into a small space can be an arduous task. There are a number of arrangements that you could try, but not every furniture placement maximizes your space.

Step 1

Place the sofa against the longest wall in the room

Step 2

Position the loveseat (which is smaller than the sofa) against a wall next to the sofa, creating an L shape. There should be a small amount of space left open in the corner between the two pieces of furniture.

Step 3

Utilize the empty corner space to house an end table or standing lamp. This gives you a place to put drinks, magazines or an additional source of mood lighting.

Step 4

Minimize the other furniture in the room. Small spaces quickly become overwhelmed when too many pieces are placed there. Limit yourself to placing seating, lamps or end tables against two walls, and leave the center of the room open and free of items like coffee tables and ottomans. The TV (or whatever the room's focal point is) can be placed in the corner opposite from the corner where the couch and loveseat are situated.

About the Author

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