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DIY Reupholstering Banquet Chairs

Rachel Murdock

Banquet chairs are generally used for gatherings in conference rooms, hotels, churches and other public places for seating large numbers of people efficiently. Banquet chairs often stack easily for quick storage and setup. They often have an upholstered seat on a metal or wooden frame. A quick reupholster of a banquet chair can give it new life.

Upholstery on banquet chairs may become stained or torn, requiring reupholstering..

Step 1

Using a screwdriver, remove the upholstered pieces from the chair. Wooden banquet chairs have the screws under the seats, while metal-framed chairs have screws underneath the seat or on the side of the frame. Keep the screws in a safe place.

Step 2

For a smooth, finished look, carefully remove the old upholstery from the seat cushion. This may require removing stitches or removing staples.

Step 3

Using the old fabric that you just removed as a template, cut a new cover from upholstery material. Make it the same size as the fabric you removed to allow room to wrap the fabric tightly around the seat.

Step 4

Place the fabric on a table with the right side down. Place the seat in the center of the fabric, padded side down. Fold the fabric over the seat so that the edge of the fabric is on the seat bottom. Using the heavy-duty stapler, push down hard and install a staple through the fabric into the seat of the chair. Continue stapling along that side of the chair.

Step 5

At the corners, create a hospital corner similar to that found on a hospital bed. To do this, fold the fabric under on one side of the seat, holding it taut. Staple into place. Pull the fabric edge on the next side out and hold it tightly. Maintain the tension as you fold it over onto the bottom of the seat. Keeping the fabric taut, staple the fabric into place. Staple along the corner fold as well, then move to the next side of the chair seat. Continue stapling, pulling the fabric taut, until the seat is covered. Trim the fabric on the bottom of the seat cushion.

Step 6

Use the screws you saved to reattach the seat cushion to the banquet chair. Be sure any fabric edges are tucked under the chair.