How to Measure What Size Toilet You Have

Measuring your toilet allows you to determine how much space it takes up and gives you an idea of the size a replacement toilet should be. While measurements such as height and width can be important for determining how much room will be around the toilet for shelves, decor and walls, another measurement is even more important. The rough-in size measurement determines how far the toilet's drain sits from the wall. A perfect fit is crucial to create the proper toilet seal.

Toilet measurements are important for proper installation and space considerations in small bathrooms.

Step 1

Determine the height of the toilet bowl by measuring from the top of the bowl surface (just below the lid) to the floor.

Step 2

Find the total height of the toilet, including the toilet tank, by measuring from the top of the toilet tank lid to the floor.

Step 3

Measure the width of the base of the toilet. Because the front may be narrower than the back and you want the width of the widest section, measure the back from left to right.

Step 4

Measure from the wall behind the toilet to one of the bolts that hold down the toilet. The bolts are on the bottom frame of the toilet on either side and may be covered with a plastic cover. This final measurement is the rough-in, which is the most important measurement.

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