How to Keep Your Bed From Rolling on Hardwood Floors

Whether your bed frame has wheels on each leg or just a post, bed frames move all too easily on a hardwood floor. While you can use an area rug immediately beneath the bed to try to combat this problem, aesthetically this is not always the look you want. If you are planning to leave as much hardwood floor showing as possible, rubber furniture caster cups are likely to be a better option for you.

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Step 1

Remove the bedding from your bed and stack the mattress and box spring on their sides out of the way.

Step 2

Place a rubber furniture caster cup under each leg of your bed frame. These caster cups will keep your bed frame from moving on the hardwood floor regardless of whether your frame has casters or not.

Step 3

Adjust the bed frame where you want it to remain.

Step 4

Replace the box spring and mattress on the bed frame. Put the bedding back in place.

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