How to Open a DeWalt Miter Saw DW705

A DeWalt DW705 Miter Saw is a particular brand and model of miter saw that is capable of cutting straight cuts, angled cuts and compound cuts. The saw has a few compartments that can be opened and closed, such as the blade guard, blast gate and dust collector. All of these units must be open before the saw will work correctly. Opening these parts is not difficult, and some even open on their own just before the saw is turned on and cutting begins. Always use proper safety equipment when using a saw to prevent injuries.

Step 1

Position the saw on a sturdy work surface. Make sure the saw cannot move on its own. Set the desired cutting angle onto the saw using the miter scale. Make sure the saw is connected to a suitable wall outlet

Step 2

Fit the wood into the cutting slot. Fit the wood against the fence and the vice to hold the wood in place. Twist the table lock in place to secure the wood even further. Never hold the wood in place with your hands or body.

Step 3

Lower the cutting blade. The blade guard will automatically open as it nears the cutting surface. Open the blast gate located on the side of the machine near the cutting blade. Open the dust collector located near the bottom of the machine.

Step 4

Cut the wood slowly.

Step 5

Open the dust collector to remove the dust from the machine between cutting jobs. Make sure there is no sawdust around the cutting surface when cutting. Use a soft bristle brush to brush away the sawdust.