How to Level KitchenAid Refrigerator Doors

KitchenAid, a subsidiary company of Whirlpool since 1986, sells a range of re-badged Whirlpool side-by-side and french-style refrigerators with adjustable doors. The weight of jars, bottles and other items stored on the refrigerator or freezer door shelves sometimes cause a slight sag that may be noticeable as a height difference between the doors. Leveling the doors involves making a minor adjustment to the refrigerator's balance settings. The door of the fresh food compartment should be slightly higher when the appliance is empty.

Step 1

Find out whether you own a counter-depth or standard-depth KitchenAid refrigerator. Counter-depth appliances are roughly 27.5 inches deep, not including the handle, while standard-depth models are around 31 3/8 inches deep. The adjustment bolts are located behind the grille on a standard-depth model.

Step 2

Detach the grille, located beneath the refrigerator doors, by placing a hand on each end and pulling away from the appliance. Locate the pair of leveling bolts on each side of the appliance in the area behind the grille. The bolt is located on the bottom of the door hinge on counter-depth models.

Step 3

Turn the appropriate bolt to raise or lower the door as necessary. The bolt is the inner of the two for models that require a 1/2-inch hex head wrench; it is the outer bolt on 3/8-inch hex head standard-depth refrigerators. Turn the bolt on the bottom of the lower door hinge if you have a counter-depth model, using an adjustable wrench.

Step 4

Check your progress as you work; you may only need to turn the bolts a small amount to create the necessary change in height. If the appliance is empty, make sure the fresh food door is roughly the thickness of a quarter higher than the freezer door.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • 1/2-inch hex head socket wrench, or
  • 3/8-inch hex head socket wrench, or
  • Adjustable wrench