How to Make a 90 Degree Pipe Joint Saddle

Pipe saddle joints connect two pieces of metal pipe together so they can be welded into place. A simple saddle joint works well for many applications, although some require a more precise cut. A 90 degree angle can be made using two cuts with a band saw, chop saw, or cold cut saw. This method works for joining two pipes that are the same diameter. Pipes of different diameters need different angle cuts.

Use a band saw to make a saddle cut in galvanized or cast iron pipe.

Step 1

Adjust the saw for a 35 degree cut, and clamp the pipe into place in the saw. The cut will not be at the center of the pipe; it will be offset from center about quarter inch.

Step 2

Put a C-clamp on the pipe to act as a stop which will guide you in making the same length of a cut on the opposite side. Make the first cut at a 35 degree angle.

Step 3

Remove the pipe from the saw clamp and turn it 180 degrees, using the C-clamp as a guide to know where to stop turning. Make the second cut opposite the first. This will leave a small flat spot between the cuts rather than a point.

Step 4

Place the pipes together, grinding as needed to adjust them.


  • Immediate discard scrap pieces. They are sharp, and will puncture wheels, shoes and hoses.

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