How to Build a Headboard With Oars

Victoria Bailey

Old, worn-down oars may not be much use rowing a boat, but they're a fine material for constructing a rustic nautical headboard. Give your bedroom a seaside look by making a headboard of well-used oars. When wrapped in rope and decorated in seashells, this headboard gives your room a feeling of relaxing at a seaside resort without the trouble of sand in your sheets.

Old oars can become attractive bedroom decor.

Step 1

Wash nine old oars and rinse them outside. Leave the oars outside to air dry for 24 hours.

Step 2

Cut each oar down so it measures 4 feet from the top of the paddle to the bottom of the handle.

Step 3

Lay two pieces of 1-by-3 board on the ground parallel to each other and 18 inches apart. These will be the top and bottom boards that hold the oars together.

Step 4

Drill two holes in the handle of each oar. Place one hole 6 inches from the end of the handle and the other one 24 inches from the end of the handle. Drill the holes perpendicular to the oar blades so the blades are flat when you look through the holes.

Step 5

Stand in front of the two boards with them placed horizontally. Place one oar vertically in the center point of the boards. This will look like an upside-down letter T with an extra cross in the center. Insert a long screw through each hole and screw it into the boards below, fastening the oar to both boards.

Step 6

Attach one oar in the same manner at each end of the boards. Arrange three oars between the center and end points, with the oars evenly spaced. You now have nine oars connected in a row.

Step 7

Attach the headboard to the wall by screwing through the backing boards into wall studs behind the bed.

Step 8

Wind nautical rope around the blade ends of the oars in an attractive manner. Attach a variety of seashells at random spots on the ropes and oars with hot glue.