How to Make a Sofa Out of a Mattress

A couch or sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture there is. However, you can make a handsome daybed-style couch out of a twin-size mattress and back bolsters. As a bonus, you can easily turn your couch into a guest bed when you have company.

This is the basic structure for a day bed; just add a mattress and pillows.

Step 1

Attach matching headboards or footboards to the two ends of a bed frame to make the sides of the couch.  Footboards, being lower, are a more appropriate height for this purpose. If you have headboards, cut down the legs to make them lower or use them as-is for a couch with higher sides. 

Step 2

Place thick bolsters along one side of the mattress to form the backrest.  The bolsters will remain in place without being attached if they are supported by a wall behind the couch. Because an unfolded twin mattress is wider than a couch, it is not comfortable to sit on without the bolsters.  Make bolsters from blocks of foam or purchase them ready-made.

Step 3

Cover the mattress and bolsters by draping drape a bedspread or blanket over the entire piece. 

Step 4

Add [throw pillows](https://society6com/pillows?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=4433) for additional comfort and a more finished appearance. 

Things You Will Need

  • Twin-size mattress and bed frame
  • Two matching headboards or two matching footboards
  • Bolsters
  • Fabric covers
  • Throw pillows


  • Choose a bed frame with no wheels on it; otherwise your couch may slide out when you lean back against the bolsters.

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