Disassembling the Lower Door of the Neptune Drying Center MCE8000AYW to Remove Lint

David Clair

The Maytag Neptune MCE8000AYW is a stacked laundry center with an upper and lower cabinet for drying laundry. The upper cabinet is a drying cabinet that circulates air and steam to dry clothes. The lower portion contains the automatic dryer portion of the unit with the tumbler drum. If lint is building up inside the cabinet, it can create a potential fire hazard. Clean out the lint to help the dryer run more efficiently and prevent the possibility of a spark catching the built-up lint on fire.

Step 1

Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Open the door. Remove the four screws connecting the hinges to the front panel. Lift the door off and set it aside.

Step 3

Remove the four screws connecting the control console from the inside of the MCE8000AYW. Pull the console out and down to disconnect it.

Step 4

Remove the five screws holding the lower front panel in place. Lift the panel off of the Maytag Drying Center.

Step 5

Clean the lint off the dryer interior with a hard-bristled brush. Vacuum the lint with a vacuum cleaner hose attachment to remove it.