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How to Remove the Front of a Kenmore Combo

Jon Stefansson

Kenmore combination washer and dryers, also known as laundry centers, provide all the necessary equipment for washing and drying clothes in a single unit. You might want to remove the front panel to clean out dust and lint that has accumulated in the space between the drum and the panels. Service technicians often remove the front to access the motor and other parts of the washing machine deck. Always remove the power supply before you begin work on the appliance.

Combination washer and dryers are ideal for areas with limited floor space.

Step 1

Unplug the appliance, remove the fuse or flip the circuit breaker – whichever is the easiest way of removing the power.

Step 2

Locate the diagonal transition panel running from the top of the washer to the bottom of the dryer. Remove the panel by taking out the pair of screws at the top near the dryer; fold the panel down and pull to separate it from the appliance.

Step 3

Remove the pair of screws in the rearward corners of the washer top that were covered by the transition panel. Pull the top of the washer forward to disengage the locking tabs; lift the cover upward and place it to one side.

Step 4

Remove the final pair of screws inside the front panel. To remove, grip the top of the panel and pull upward. The internal parts of the washing machine part of the appliance are now accessible.