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How to Replace the Filter in a Payne Furnace

Ashley Hay

Payne furnaces are available in a gas or electric models. Both models come with a filter that Payne recommends you replace at least once a year. The filter is in place to prevent debris such as dust, lint or pet hair from clogging the blower and causing the furnace to overheat. Changing the filter only takes a few minutes and it will help to prolong the life of your Payne furnace.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the Payne furnace by moving the switch to “Off” at the electrical breaker box. If you have a gas model, turn off the gas valve that runs to the furnace as well.

Step 2

Pull down on the main furnace door handle to open the door. Opening the door will allow you to access the blower panel.

Step 3

Pull the blower access panel door down, then out. The blower panel door is on the bottom of the furnace. Some blower access panel doors have one screw located on both of the top corners. If your Payne furnace has screws holding the door, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them.

Step 4

Locate the filter. The filter will either be on the right side of the blower or under the blower. The filter will have a retaining rod holding it in place.

Step 5

Lift up the retaining rod and slide the filter out.

Step 6

Insert the new filter by sliding it into place and lowering the retaining rod so that it clasps the end of the filter.

Step 7

Replace the blower access panel door and then replace the main furnace door.

Step 8

Turn the power back on to the Payne furnace.