How to Build a Footboard

Nat Fondell

A bed footboard is an important piece of furniture in a bedroom because unlike the headboard, it is rarely blocked by pillows or other furniture. The footboard is one of the first things you or other people see when entering the bedroom, and an interesting and attractive footboard will help impart a feeling of calm and beauty. A standard footboard can be made of a large sheet of plywood cut to size and screwed to the bed frame, but a variety of other options for footboard construction is available.

Different footboards give a bed a different feel.

Step 1

Measure the width of the bed to which the footboard will be attached and add three inches. Determine the desired height of the footboard, or measure the height of the top of the mattress and add six inches. Transfer these measurements to a 3/4-inch thick sheet of plywood. Cut out the shape from the plywood sheet and position it at the foot of the bead. Drill eight holes through the inside of the bed frame and into the footboard, being careful not to come through to the front of the footboard. Set the appropriate width of wood screws within the holes and attach the footboard to the frame by tightening them.

Step 2

Set a long dresser or bookcase against the foot of the bed so that it is centered on the bed frame. Drill eight evenly spaced holes through the frame and into the new footboard. Set the appropriate size of wood screws in the holes and tighten them completely.

Step 3

Stand an old wooden door up against the footboard of the bed and install in place by drilling through the frame and into the door to make eight holes. Set the right length of wood screws in place so they won't puncture the front of the door and tighten them firmly.