How to Make a Shower Caddie

Amanda Rumble

A shower caddy is an essential item to have in your shower if you need to organize the materials and have limited storage space and shelving. A caddy hangs from the shower head and holds shampoo, conditioner and body washes. It's especially important to have a caddy if you want to keep your personal products separate from the rest of the people in your home. Make your own caddy to save money and eliminate costs incurred from a store-bought caddy.

Organize your bath items with a homemade shower caddy.

Step 1

Purchase a small bucket from a craft store with a handle on it to hang from the shower head. A bucket that is too large won't fit in a shower.

Step 2

Apply a vinyl border around the outside of your bucket to spruce up its appearance and turn it from a traditional bucket into something that belongs in your bathroom. Since the vinyl is exposed to water frequently, get a border with an adhesive backing on it.

Step 3

Turn the bucket upside down and, using the nail to poke through, drive holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage, and to insert hooks.

Step 4

Measure the length of your bucket from one side to the other. Cut a piece of wood approximately 4 inches shorter than your measurement and treat it with waterproof wood primer. Place the wood piece in the inside of the bucket.

Step 5

Insert hooks into the holes you created using the wood piece as an anchor for each hook to hang all your bathroom accessories, including loofahs and shower brushes. Space them apart so your accessories don't crowd together.

Step 6

Apply a clear and waterproof sealer to the bucket, wood and hooks to prevent the water from causing excessive wear and tear on the caddy. Hang it from your shower head and add your bath products.