Simplex 4010 Fire Alarm Panel Instructions

The Simplex 4010 Fire Alarm, when installed properly and according to National Fire Alarm Codes provided by the National Fire Protection Association, offers a fire alarm control panel that provides audio and well as visual alarms in the event of fire danger. Audible alerts are emitted until the questionable condition or event has been acknowledged and addressed. Numerous scenarios regarding panel instructions are available through the installation and operation manual.

Follow fire alarm system installation instructions for optimal alarm function.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the user interface panel, which offers buttons such as "Alarm Acknowledge," "Supervisory Acknowledge," "Trouble Acknowledge," "Menu," "Function," "Enable and Disable," "Alarm Silence" and "System Reset," among others. An LED light may appear above any one or more of the alarm modes, located on the face of the panel, in the event of an alarm.

Step 2

Log into the system, if password protected, which is required in some scenarios to perform certain functions. Enter your password by pressing "Menu." Press and hold down the "Next" button until you password is displayed. Press "Enter." Press "Next" to scroll through numbers to enter your password. Repeat to log out.

Step 3

Accept the default settings to start. Press "Menu." Press "Next" until Quick CFIG shows up in the panel display. Press "Enter." Press "Enter" again, then "Next," until Accept Default Options displays. Press "Enter." The manufacturer of the Simplex Fire Alarm system determines default settings. Read through the manual to determine whether those settings are acceptable or suitable to your location or scenario.

Step 4

Edit system settings to suit your needs. Press "Menu." Press "Next" until the Quick CFIG displays. Press "Enter," and then press "Next" until Edit System Options displays. Use the "Next" button to scroll through your options, which range from selecting 12- or 24-hour formats, reminder intervals for alarm, signal durations, and choosing alarm timers.

Step 5

Close the panel door following any edits to the system display panel during the programming mode. The 4010 fire alarm system reboots and saves your current configurations. The system is now fully functional and operational.

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