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Timex Appliance Seven Day Timer Program Directions

Nat Howard

A Timex Seven-Day Timer provides automated convenience when setting and scheduling timed electronics to turn on and off. Program your Timex Seven-Day Timer using the display board panel.

Timex Appliance Seven Day Timer Program Directions

Automatic timers can provide lights at night when you’re not home and can turn on your coffee pot at a set time every morning. Set your Timex Seven-Day Timer to your specifications. Different models will have different displays and instructions. It is always best to keep your manual and refer to it when setting your timer. If you have your model number, you may be able to find a digital copy of your manual online to download in PDF form. Newer models may have a simpler interface and will not have arrows to scroll through.

    Test It Out and Charge It Up

  1. Insert your Timex Seven-Day Timer into a standard outlet. The timer has a rechargeable battery and will power up after about 10 minutes. Leave your Timex plugged in until it charges. While the main power comes from the electrical outlet, the battery acts as a backup in case your power goes out.

  2. Unplug and Reset

  3. No matter the model, your Timex device should have a reset button, labeled “RST.” It may only be accessible with the tip of a ballpoint pen or an unfolded paperclip. If you have your manual with you, it will illustrate where the reset button is located. This will reset the timer’s memory.

  4. Set the Time

  5. Press and hold the “SET” button located on the front or top panel of your device. Hold for three (3) seconds. The day-of-the-week indicator will begin to flash. Use the arrow buttons to find the day, then press “SET.” Repeat for the hour and minutes.

  6. Your device may have a “DAY” button that will bypass the use of arrow buttons. Use the “DAY,” “HR” and “MIN” buttons as directed on the display panel.

  7. Press the “TIME” button to set AM/PM, or change the time to military time.

  8. Program the Day

  9. Depending on your model, you will use the arrow buttons or hit the “PRG” (programming) button to access the program display on the panel screen. The arrow buttons will allow you toggle through until “PROGRAM” is displayed. When the programming screen is up, either use your arrows to toggle to the desired day or press the “DAY” button. Select your desired day and press “SET.” This will be the first day your timer turns on.

  10. Program the Start Time

  11. Once the day is set, the time may automatically come up. If it does not, use the “>” to move on after “SET.” This will be your start time. Select the hour you want the timer to activate and press “SET.” The minutes will display next. Repeat the process for the minutes. If you want to start right on the hour, use two zeros for minutes.

  12. Program the Stop Time

  13. Programming the stop time is next. Press the “SET” button and select the day of the week you want the timer to stop. This may come up automatically after scheduling your start time. Repeat the process for setting the hour and minutes. End the scheduling by pressing “SET,” or depending on the model, “TIME”

  14. Use the “TIME” button to set AM or PM for your scheduled time.

  15. Ensure that your device is set to “AUTO” time by selecting the option on the display panel.