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How to Inflate the Intex Sofa

Jolie Johnson

When you inflate your Intex sofa, the company recommends that you inflate it to approximately 80 percent of your desired firmness. This ensures you do not over-inflate the product, which can damage it. The Intex inflatable sofa has a "2-in-1" valve used to both inflate and deflate it. However, the product does not include an electric pump, which is required for inflation.

Step 1

Locate the inflation valve cap on the deflated sofa, as well as the exhaust valve cap -- a wider ring located directly behind the inflation valve cap. The valves are located in a circular, recessed area on the part of the sofa that is not covered with fabric.

Step 2

Turn the exhaust valve cap to the right, to make sure it is tight before you begin inflating the product. If the exhaust valve cap is loose, it will release air while you are trying to fill the sofa.

Step 3

Grab the inflation valve cap, and pull it to open the valve.

Step 4

Insert the nozzle of your pump into the inflation valve.

Step 5

Turn on your pump and inflate the sofa to 80 percent of desired firmness. When the sofa is about half-full, press your hand against the seat of the sofa and test the firmness. Stop the inflation process when it is slightly less firm than you would like.

Step 6

Pull out the pump nozzle, and quickly press the inflation valve cap into the valve opening to seal it.