How to Troubleshoot an LG CE0168

The LG CE0168 cellular phone features a main screen and a smaller screen. It also may have an interaction pad below the main screen. The top portion of the phone slides up to reveal a numbered keypad, a clear key and call management keys. Scrolling and selection both take place on the interaction pad or the lower screen on the front of the phone. The phone also features many programs and settings inside to better personalize the phone to fit your needs. You can easily manipulate the program settings should you run into trouble.

Contact the service provider to reset the PIN number.

Step 1

Scroll to the “Bluetooth” menu, and select it if you experience problems connecting to another Bluetooth device, such as a headset. Select “Connect/Disconnect” and the “New” option to set up a search for the Bluetooth device. Confirm that the desired device’s Bluetooth feature is active. By selecting “Add,” the CE0168 starts to search for the device. When the device name appears, highlight it and select “Pair.” You may be asked to enter a pass code. Enter any number you wish, or enter the pass code as set by the paired device. Confirm that the same pass code is used for both devices.

Step 2

Press down the battery cover on the back of the phone, and slide it off with your thumbs if the phone receives no power or fails to make a call. Remove the battery from the battery chamber, and confirm the metal contacts are clear of dirt. Push the SIM card from its slot within the battery chamber, and confirm that its metal contacts are clean. Slide the SIM card with its metal contacts face down into the SIM card slot underneath the metal brace. Align the battery’s metal contacts with the metal contacts inside the chamber. Replace the cover.

Step 3

Scroll to the “Tools” menu, and select it if you experience issues with incorrect alarm times. Select “Alarm Clock,” and scroll to the first alarm setting. You can set up to five alarms. Review the time and days of the alarm setting. An alarm can be set to go off every single day, on certain days or only once. Specify how frequently you would like the first alarm to sound. Repeat this step for each alarm, and alter or delete them as desired.

Step 4

Scroll to the “Security” settings in the main menu, and select it if you’d like to set up security for your phone when it’s switched on. Select “PIN” and “OK.” Switch the PIN setting to “On.” When the phone is turned on each time, the SIM card’s PIN number needs to be entered before information on the phone can be accessed. The PIN number is predetermined between you and the service provider.

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