Removing a Litton-Aire Microwave

J.S. Copper

Litton-Aire is a brand of microwaves manufactured by Litton Industries. While no longer manufactured, it’s possible that your house came with a Litton-Aire microwave oven preinstalled. Depending on the model, the removal process can vary greatly. Some models are over-the-range microwave ovens, meaning they are mounted on the wall above the stove top. You will need someone's help to remove the microwave in such cases.

Step 1

Unplug the microwave from the electrical outlet. If the Litton-Aire microwave oven is a countertop microwave, simply lift the microwave off the counter to remove it and place it in the desired area. If the microwave is installed above your stove, the process is a little more involved.

Step 2

Locate the screws used to bolt the microwave into place and unscrew them.

Step 3

Remove the front panel of the microwave. It may pop off or it may need to be unscrewed. Behind the front panel, you will find additional bolts securing the microwave in place. Remove these bolts.

Step 4

Lift and remove the microwave away from the wall. Use the assistance of another person, as the microwave can be quite heavy.

Step 5

Unscrew the mounting plate, if applicable, and if you do not plan on installing a newer microwave.