How to: Makeshift Wall

Unlike a traditional wall, a makeshift wall is a quick and easy way to create two separate spaces within one room, thus avoiding a long and difficult construction process. The convenience of being able to move or take down a makeshift wall at any time also gives it an advantage over a more permanent divider. With a little creativity and some basic items, you can divvy up the precious space in your studio apartment or divide your children's bedroom in half in no time.

A makeshift wall is an excellent way to divide space in a large room.

Step 1

Line up bookcases or shelves to create a barrier between two spaces. Not only will bookcases or shelves create separate areas in a room, but they also will provide more storage. Incorporate the bookcases or shelves into the decor of the room by painting or hanging fabric on them.

Step 2

Hang curtains from a tension rod placed between two walls to divide the area of a room. Simply slide the curtains on to the tension rod and then twist one end of the rod to adjust the length so that it fits snugly between the walls of the room. Consider hanging two curtains back to back to ensure that each side of the room is able to see the front of the curtains. In addition to working as a portable and space-saving makeshift wall, myriad color and fabric options are available for curtains.

Step 3

Place one or more privacy screens to create two rooms out of one. Privacy screens come in a variety of patterns and materials, and can be elegant or natural. A privacy screen adds to the decor of a room while also allowing the privacy of a traditional wall.