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How to Replace the RCL Board on My GE Profile Wall Oven

Kenneth Crawford

An RCL board controls several electronic aspects of the GE Profile in-wall oven. The RCL board, otherwise known as an ERC board, is fitted to the back of the keypad control console. An error code of F7 or F1 usually indicates that your appliance's RCL board is faulty and requires replacement. Replacing the RCL board on your GE Profile wall oven requires disassembling the control panel from the front of the oven. A replacement RCL board is available through GE or an appliance repair center.

Step 1

Disconnect the GE Profile wall oven power cord from the outlet. The power cord is in the cabinet above the oven.

Step 2

Open the oven door and find the three screws securing the bottom of the control panel. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Push up on the control panel until the mounting rivets on the top corners release from the body of the unit. Roll the control panel forward so the RCL board and wires are facing you.

Step 3

Pull the ribbon cable connector from the RCL board on the back of the control panel. The ribbon connector simply pulls off the pins of the RCL board. Some Profiles have two or three more smaller wire connector securing to the RCL board. Pull each off the board with your fingers.

Step 4

Remove the four screws securing the RCL board to the control panel with a Phillips screwdriver. There is a screw at each corner. Pull the RCL board away from the control panel.

Step 5

Place the new RCL board onto the back of the control console with the pins for the ribbon connector pointing to the bottom of the control panel. Secure the RCL board with the retaining screw.

Step 6

Push all wire connectors, including the ribbon connector, over their respective pins on the RCL board. Each wire connector will install only one way.

Step 7

Flip the control panel over so the face is pointing toward you. Lift the control panel slightly above the unit to position the mounting rivets over the top sides of the unit. Push the control panel down until the bottom is resting against the ledge of the door opening.

Step 8

Secure the control panel with the three screws and close the GE Profile oven door. Plug the power cord back into the outlet.